African medical missions

Short term activities are emergency measures to save the lives of those children that are already at risk of malaria and other neglected tropical diseases. To this end, CHAMA makes mission trip to targeted communities in rural African villages. During our mission trips our volunteers work with orphaned and vulnerable children, elderly people, single mothers who have malaria, HIV/ AIDS and other neglected tropical diseases, providing them with free health care services in the areas of general medicine, obsteritrics and gynaecology, pediatrics, ophthalmology, as well as operate free pharmacy that will dispense prescribed medications to patients during the medical mission during medical mission


  • Free medical services and supplies
  • Grassroots infrastructural Development (clean water and latrines) and
  • Local economic and agricultural projects (sewing projects, crafts trainings, and local farming)
  • Provide clean water
  • Promote awareness on scientific research that advances Malaria and HIV/AIDS cure


With programs in 10 African countries, we give children, families, and communities the tools they need to build sustainable solutions for improving their lives. Our strategic plans in challenging AIDS and Malaria in Africa are categorized into short and long term projects which we undertake during our African Mission Trips: