Our goal at CHAMA is to challenge AIDS and malaria in rural African communities through sustainable development project initiatives and by donating medical supplies and services. Our annual missions include creating access to clean water, building sanitary stations, and supporting local education. We have commenced plans to build a school in Kenya and by 2024, and we also focus on empowering women through skill acquisition. A strong foundation is key in eradicating these curable and preventable diseases. Malaria kills a child every minute in Africa. Join us in our fight to develop and reduce the needless deaths in these third world communities.

There is a strong link between poverty and malaria. Education helps to eliminate poverty; CHAMA focuses on preventing and treating poverty diseases through education. We support local schools financially by paying needy kids tuition and school supplies, and have just started our ten-year project of building a school. Primary education is the key to developing poor, and underdeveloped communities. Basic education provides the opportunity for children to become prosperous adults and leaders within their communities. Supplying health education decreases mortality rates dramatically, as does building sanitary facilities. Clean water,sanitation, and hygiene all go hand in hand. CHAMA provides these fundamental human needs.

CHAMA improves the current and future standards of living in these rural communities by starting with a strong foundation of clean water and education. We also train women in dress making and local agriculture to improve their socioeconomic standing and improve food security, and to help them provide for their children. CHAMA attempts to break the poverty cycle in these rural communities, and we need your help! Access to clean water, healthcare and education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and challenging these poverty diseases such as malaria. Together we can empower communities in Africa and developing countries and begin the cycle of progress.

Please consider donating your time, funds, to help us change the lives of tens of thousands of suffering Africans through the under listed projects of ours. These people are not dying of the poverty diseases themselves, but from the neglect they are facing in their daily lives.