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What is a human life worth? Can it be measured in terms of money? Do you weigh the scales with how much a person earns? Does that mean then that people who don't earn much are to be treated as worthless? This way of thinking goes against everything a decent human being stands for let alone one who believes in the mercy and love of God.

CHAMA seek to Challenge Malaria, AIDS and poverty hard to reach 10 African countries by providing them with basic grassroots development necessities such as: education, clean water, sanitation, latrines, healthcare, mosquito nests, and health programs that they normally have no access to or are unable to afford.  With each of these small steps, we believe that we are somehow restoring a sense of dignity and hope to those who feel that they have lost it.

If you want to balance the scales in this unjust world, if you believe that money is not everything that makes up a man then you can help our cause by getting involved or by sending help in the form of donations. CHAMA welcomes any form of assistance to help our African Medical Missions and Projects. Please come join us. Your support, your Ideas, your help from you to People brings HOPE ALIVE across the World with Joy and Happiness. Please keep HOPE Alive by reaching out to us all.