Please consider supporting our efforts.



Your money and other gift items go a long way in restoring hope to those who have lost it. It will pay for food, education, school supplies, drilling wells, shipping of donated clothing, mosquito repellant supplies, providing free medical care, nutritious food, skills/craft training, and nutritious seeds for rural farmers, emergency relief and disaster.


Every 24 hours, 1,000 children will die from drinking unsafe water. They'll die from: malaria, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery and typhoid, the results of drinking water so filthy most of us would be shocked to see it even in our toilets. They will die in remote villages and slums. They will die in areas too poor to afford the inexpensive medicines which might save their lives. 

Donate today to support CHAMA’s project that bring fresh water to people who don't have any.
• Water well to serve 1000-2000 people - $4500 with 150ft
• Water pumps $100
• Hand pump (manual bush) - $600
• Piping, casing & plumbing for a well - $300
• Provision of Sand filtration unit - $1000
• Provision of 2 liter Water purification bottles with ionization filters


Every year malaria, a parasitic disease spread by the bite of a mosquito, results in 300 million to 500 million clinical cases and causes more than 1 million deaths. Mostly it is young children under the age of five in sub- Saharan Africa who are affected, dying at the rate of nearly 3,000 every day.

Donate today to support in providing malaria medication and general healthcare to the needy in Africa.
• Provision of medicines & vitamins modules - $100
• Annual preventive malaria medication per child $15
• Mosquito net $10 per piece (Spread the net)
• Vitamins $5 monthly
• 100% organic mosquito repellant -XL5 $10-Produced in Canada
• Pain reliefs-$10