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African giving back to Canada

While CHAMA takes resources from Canada to Africa to help these children dying of malaria, in return, CHAMA bring back authentic African culture (Drum) to give back to the Canadian community. CHAMA uses the African drum to welcome new immigrants to Canada, create awareness and provide education about the devastating effect of Malaria in Africa. Drumming up smiles for these children struggling with malaria and drumming up support for grieving parents and families who have lost their child to malaria.

CHAMA creates environment where everyone would come together in a relaxed atmosphere; where you would have the opportunity of experimental learning and lots of hands-on participation. One of the biggest benefits would be to freeing the spirit, build self-confidence, and of course enjoy yourself while learning something new. We believe that youths and families will benefit from African Dance and Drumming – everyone can take part; it would enable people to express and celebrate their activity and diverse cultures through these sessions.

From slowing the decline in fatal brain disease, to generating a sense of oneness with one another and the universe, drumming’s physical and spiritual health benefits may be as old as time itself. Donate today to support our community drumming project.